Friday, February 6, 2015

#1 Tip for a Greener Lawn

Many companies out their advertise package plans for fertilizing your lawn saying you will have a greener lawn. This could be true to a degree if they know what they are doing, but fertilizing to early can actually damage your grass roots. Your grass really only needs fertilizer twice a year, once in may and again in late fall.

When your grass is just starting to turn green in early spring, the root system is trying to go deeper into the ground. This is what gives you a firm lawn. Your lawn is like your garden, good soil produces good results. When fertilized to early, the top half of the grass looks great but the root system is trying to come upward due to the fertilizer. One result from using fertilizer to early would be a yard that dies off in the summer to early. Treating your soil first or maybe treating the crabgrass early will be produce the better long term results.

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